I am here to help you transform.

I am a deeply caring, attuned listener, a sensitive, a rebel, and innovator.  My love of personal growth motivates me to keep learning and integrating what I know. My love of change is balanced by acceptance and allowing. I perceive and receive the beauty of life and nature. I aim to embody the frequencies of peace, compassion, joy and love. I practice what I invite others to do.

How my various roles inform what I offer

As a mother, daughter, partner, friend, clinician and colleague, I know the profound joys and challenges of healthy relationships.

As a counselor, I endeavor to meet each person where they are in their journey and find the most expeditious route to greater ease and freedom from suffering.

As a nurse, I am grounded in the sciences, comfortable with all topics relating to health, healing, illness, emotions, lifestyle, relationships, sexuality, pain and death.

As a coach, I foster growth in others – to see what is possible and nurture that.

As a teacher, I learn about your strengths, interests and challenges, and encourage growth through exploration and discussion of ideas.

As a student, I get curious, ask questions, lean into the Unknown.

As an elite athlete, I am dedicated to bring out the best in self and others, to experience flow and elicit peak experiences.

As a creative, I find unique ways to express and explore what is essential to wellbeing.

As a healer, I foster awareness of our innate ability to access what we need to recover and discover our wholeness.

As a meditator, I dedicate time to experiencing my connection with all of life, expanding consciousness and receiving guidance.

As a spiritual being, I am awakening to my whole self and utilize my connection with the Unseen to expand my understanding.

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Undergraduate: Oberlin College/University of Southern Maine – BSN
Graduate: University of Massachusetts at Lowell – MSN

License & Certifications

RN – R 28808 Maine
APRN- AS104002 Maine
Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Board Certified by ANCC
Certified Wellness and Health Coach, 2014, by Real Balance Global Wellness Institute
Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor
Certified Meridian Yoga Instructor
Certified MariEl Healing Practitioner
Certified Mental Coach