Thank you for taking the time to look around!  My surname, Love, reminds me what I’m here to embody, experience and help others discover.  To help people cultivate appreciation, compassion, and the art of being delights me fully.

People who work with me find me “heart-centered, present, and insightful.”  Helping others on their healing path allows me to utilize all my creative gifts and talents.  I facilitate sessions with you to assist in re-patterning and releasing thoughts and beliefs that have limited your joy of Being.  You can resolve past limitations in your perceptions about who you are and what you are here to accomplish, experience and contribute.

Typically, those who are drawn to work with me are in “service to others,”  perhaps by desiring to raise a family more consciously, through health care, law, art or teaching.  My clients are often women, predominantly in midlife or beyond.  They are often “overly-conscientious,” struggling with self-doubt, self-criticism, worry and want to break free from the limitations of past negative experiences.  They may have tried therapy in the past but want something a little different – outside the box of traditional counseling or western medicine approaches.  They instinctively want a more expanded approach to foster growth and access to their inner wisdom, yet are unfamiliar how to partner with the Unknown and may even find the idea a bit scary.

My ideal clients are smart, self-aware and growth-oriented.  They may be facing an overwhelming set of demands that lets them know it’s time to find support for themselves.  Often, they are the ones others rely upon for support.  And while it feels good to give, they recognize that giving to others must be in balance with giving to self and receiving.

I bring a vast range of tools and experience to my work.  I’ve been on a lifetime healing journey and have studied positive psychology since my late teens, coupled with spiritual growth practices.  My toolbox and trainings include meditation, Kripalu and Meridian yoga, Perelandra processes and flower essences, sound healing, hands-on healing, breath work, Eden Energy Medicine, light trance work, relaxation training, Huna, meditative journaling, mindfulness studies along with formal studies in nursing, specializing in psychiatric and mental health.  As a result, I have created an integrated coaching model I call Intentional Healing.

As a coach, I partner with you to map the shortest path to master your particular challenges, living an attuned life, and enhancing your wellbeing on all levels – energetically, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Helping you transform is my privilege.

It is sheer delight to work with people who are earnest, motivated, and open to new ideas, who are willing to listen inwardly and take responsibility for choices and actions.  As your coach, I vow to see the best in you and help you do the same.  I will gently hold you accountable for the changes you are making and help you expand your ideas in grounded ways.

Personally I am a mom of an amazing daughter (employed college graduate -yea!), a partner to my sweetheart, a writer, speaker, mindfulness practitioner, golfer, lifelong learner, time-optimist and a bit of a mystic.  Happily, I am a reformed perfectionist and self-critic!  (I’ve also been called a “health-food nut with junk food tendencies.”)

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Undergraduate: Oberlin College/University of Southern Maine – BSN
Graduate: University of Massachusetts at Lowell – MSN

License & Certifications

RN – R 28808 Maine
APRN- AS104002 Maine
Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Board Certified by ANCC
Certified Wellness and Health Coach, 2014, by Real Balance Global Wellness Institute
Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor
Certified Meridian Yoga Instructor
Certified MariEl Healing Practitioner
Certified Mental Coach