Find your authentic voice and presence as a leader.  Learn how to master your energy, hold better boundaries, personally and interpersonally.  Trust your intuition.  Develop more skill in honing your awareness, creating positive intentions, delegating, collaborating and finding balance between your personal and professional life.

Whether you are new to leadership or more experienced, you can benefit from coaching – to prevent burn-out, expand your capacity to be a role model of positivity and bring out the best in others.  You will be able to safely explore how your ego can enhance or interfere with your objectives.

Keeping your energy field clear of unwanted influences is a very efficient way to stay vital and engaged.  You will learn techniques to clear and build your energy reserves.  We will explore what methods will best support you on your path – including insightful conversation, reflective questions, body-mind techniques such as setting intention, visualization, breathing, meditative practices, flower essences and partnering with the Unknown (the sphere of infinite possibilities) and Unseen Helpers (spirit guides, angels and Archangels, your expanded Self, Soul and Source).

“Becoming a conscious, awakened leader is a co-creative process and one that will help you expand your reach while staying in balance, emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically.”

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