pagePicMindfulnessWhat’s the skinny on Mindfulness – why is it the up-and-coming, centuries-old modality that is gaining more and more attention in the media, in businesses and in health care?

Learn the value and simplicity of incorporating mindfulness practice in your daily life. You can weave it into your workday and take time out to practice to center yourself, stabilize your mind and reduce your reactivity to stress. There are many ways to practice and we can find just what suits you.

Mindfulness can be practiced on the fly, as well as sitting quietly. It brings the benefits of meditation whether you sit with your eyes closed or you are moving through your activities. It has to do with the quality of your awareness, where you place it, and how well you select which thoughts to follow and which to let go. You can learn simple, effective ways to regroup during a hectic day, and how to set your frame mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at the beginning of each day, to help you flow with whatever comes your way during the rest of the day.

You can learn 1:1 or in a group setting. I am available to facilitate groups online in Maine and beyond.  Coming soononline mindfulness course – study and practice from the comfort of your home or office – live, interactive groups.  Be sure to submit your name and indicate your interest in having your name placed on the waiting list!

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