Create a Spiritual Credo: Live Inside Out

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What do you do for spiritual self-care? Do you live by a personal credo?  I sometimes struggle to figure out how I can become more effective, disciplined and accountable.  Who has the answer? What approach fits me?  There are so many “experts,” it’s a challenge to identify a system or teacher to trust & follow.

I want to feel like this every day!


After the recent ...

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Start a Meditation Practice in 6 Easy Steps

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1st Step: Decide

Choose a time – preferably first thing in the morning

Choose a place – it needn’t be quiet, but should feel special to you –

welcoming, a refuge of sorts. Create sacred space – an inviting alter.

Choose a length of time – I recommend 15 mins to start – set a timer so

you don’t have to worry about the clock.

2nd Step: Position

Sit upright, with spine extended, arms supported, feet flat on the floor. Try keeping eyes slightly open and softly ...

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