My services at MindfulGuidance include:

All my services are in support of your transformational journey – from therapy to coaching and beyond.  My approach integrates many areas of knowledge, expertise and gifts of intuitive insight and guidance in service of your healing.  You are looking for something out of the ordinary – wanting to work with someone who can address health and healing, non-medical ways to cope better with chronic stress or addiction recovery, someone who is spiritually-attuned and deeply present with you.  Someone who can sit with your pain and help you uncover your shortest path toward liberation.

My intention is to see and reflect your best qualities, help you face your fears and doubts compassionately, and identify and develop a series of self-care practices and techniques that help you shift from stress and overwhelm to living with appreciation, ease and grace.  Illuminating your path to joy is my passion.

You may have found me while researching counselors but you might want to consider a different approach, such as personal coaching.  The kinds of coaching I offer are easily tailored to your specific needs and set of circumstances.  We will be as creative as necessary to address your unique situation.

So take a look at the options and see what speaks to your heart and resonates with your spirit.


Individual Therapy for Adults

NEW!  Support Group for Adult Partners/Loved Ones of Newly Emerging Transgender Individuals

Mindfulness Training – for individuals and at workplaces

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