I offer three main categories of service:

Coaching: which is oriented towards transformation, spirituality, wellness, self-care, mindful living, and self-healing. In addition, you can improve performance in sports or at work, become a better listener and communicator, and master your use of energy.

To aid this, we can address boundary-setting, energetic cleansing and protection, grounding, and restorative rest. You may learn how to work with your emotional energy more consciously. When you harness the power of intention, you can more easily create what you want. The work is led by your interests and goals and is highly collaborative.

Counseling: for individuals aged 18-95 who desire a heart-centered, mindful approach to therapy that helps conquer anxiety, self-doubt, low moods and the chronic stress of health challenges. You can transcend the effects of past trauma and relationship conflicts to create a life of greater peace, harmony, compassion and joy.

Transformative Conversations: sometimes you just need to connect with someone who won’t judge, who can deeply listen, ask clarifying questions, and offer support without requiring you engage in therapy or a coaching process. Perhaps it’s one conversation, or a series. Either way, you can rest assured you will receive positive feedback, gentle guidance to explore what possibilities await, and some suggestions for further reflection, reading, or action.

My services at MindfulGuidance are right for you if –

  • You are looking for something out of the ordinary
  • You wish to work with someone who can address complex issues in practical ways
  • You want to improve your health
  • You desire a more complementary/integrative approach to healing
  • You need a supportive sounding board
  • You want to ditch bad habits and create an upward spiral of sustainable good feelings.
  • You want to discuss and explore spiritual growth/beliefs.
  • You desire to improve your relationship with yourself and others.
  • You wish to learn how to tap into your own inner guidance.

My intention is to see and reflect your best qualities, help you face your fears and doubts compassionately, and identify and develop a series of self-care practices and techniques that help you shift from stress and overwhelm to living with appreciation, grace and ease.


Individual Therapy for Adults

NEW!  Support Group for Adult Partners/Loved Ones of Newly Emerging Transgender Individuals

Mindfulness Training – for individuals and at workplaces

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