Sports Performance Coaching for Anxious Athletes

Mental Training for Performance Anxiety.

Learn optimal ways to calm your nervous system and prepare for big events and day-to-day stressors.  Learn how to interrupt worries, doubts, and refocus on your process.  Learn how to induce states of relative ease and flow, tapping into your sub-conscious mind – your inner guidance system.  Improve your focus, set realistic goals, practice feeling-oriented visualizations to achieve your goals more easily.

We can start with a free 30 min. consultation so we can determine if our working together seems like a good fit. From there, we will schedule a 90 min. initial assessment session so I can develop a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and begin to form a plan to improve your mindset and training focus.

Then we will work for 4 or more sessions to help you learn, practice and apply the skills and concepts in your training and competition events.

Call or email today so we can meet and start the conversation to get you on the road to success you are seeking.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your aspirations, and supporting your journey of self-mastery.

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