Start a Meditation Practice in 6 Easy Steps

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1st Step: Decide

Choose a time – preferably first thing in the morning

Choose a place – it needn’t be quiet, but should feel special to you –

welcoming, a refuge of sorts. Create sacred space – an inviting alter.

Choose a length of time – I recommend 15 mins to start – set a timer so

you don’t have to worry about the clock.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space

2nd Step: Position

Sit upright, with spine extended, arms supported, feet flat on the floor. Try keeping eyes slightly open and softly unfocused. If closed works better for you, that’s OK too. With eyes slightly open, allow the gaze to rest on one, boring thing. This steadies the mind. Rest the tip of your tongue on the roof of the mouth, wherever it’s most comfortable. This quiets mental activity.

3rd Step: Begin

Begin by following your breath into your body, without changing its depth or rhythm. Notice when the in-breath becomes the out-breath. Notice the gap of stillness at the end of each out-breath. Allow your body to decide when to initiate the next inhalation. Become the passive witness to the body breathing all by itself.

Notice any sensations connected with breathing – air moving past the nostrils, expansion and contraction of the chest/abdomen.

4th Step: Deepen

As thoughts or images arise note their presence and let them go, returning your focus to your posture and breath cycle. Do not be concerned with the fact that thinking occurs – it’s part of the process. Simply return to noticing and focus on your breathing. Once your timer alerts you to end, follow the next two steps, if you choose.

5th Step: Reflect with Gratitude

Spend a few moments breathing into your heart center and reflect on what occurred.  Note how you are feeling and extend gratitude for your practice and its effects. Celebrate the fact that you just gave yourself a precious gift of time to be.

6th Step: Set an Intention: Hold your hands over your heart center and state how you would like to progress through your day – what attitude or intention would you like to carry forward? Perhaps: “I intend to see, feel, give and receive love and beauty this day and be fully present in every interaction.”

If you’d like to share about your practice, please do!  I also welcome any questions you may have. You can post any questions or comments below.




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Lisa Love, MSN takes delight in helping smart professionals overcome anxiety via an eclectic approach to mind-body healing. Not just a nurse, therapist and coach, she is a bit of a mystic, healer, creative, intuitive, and innovator. She walks her talk and brings cutting-edge practices to her clients that weave together the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics and spirituality, in service of humanity's conscious evolution.
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