Suffering as an Invitation

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Many of the challenges we face cannot be addressed by medicine, government, religion or the legal system.  The challenges are tests and wake-up calls reminding us to look within and listen deeply.  It is a collective journey we must each make singularly at first.  Our perception of suffering asks us to notice and dislodge old beliefs that separate us from our true nature – divinity.

If we could all realize that we are not separate entities, but sparks of the holy flame of Oneness, of Awareness becoming aware of itself, then we could cease to suffer.  Until then, suffering is our ally.  It lets us know to the degree we have stepped out of harmony or alignment with Source.

Suffering is our keycard for admission into the realms of light and freedom and joy – it is never a punishment.  So many of us believe we deserve to suffer and hold onto guilt, remorse, and shame.  Those constricting emotions are tied to thoughts of lack, separation and judgement.

What if, for the next 5 minutes, you could fully suspend ALL judgement – of self, others, and the world? What would that feel like?  You can try it right now by taking in a nearly full breath and let it out slowly.  As you do, relax and feel your awareness sink below the level of thought, below the level of mind, as though you are sinking in an ocean of light and just rest your attention on the sense of inner spaciousness and quiet peace that welcomes you back.

Let go, into the blissful moments – not to intentionally stay there, but to dip in and remember where you left and where you may return.  Practice this experiment once daily for a full 5 minutes, then in microbursts of 5 seconds throughout your day – to re-anchor your awareness in that which is awaiting your full return.




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Lisa Love, MSN takes delight in helping smart professionals overcome anxiety via an eclectic approach to mind-body healing. Not just a nurse, therapist and coach, she is a bit of a mystic, healer, creative, intuitive, and innovator. She walks her talk and brings cutting-edge practices to her clients that weave together the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics and spirituality, in service of humanity's conscious evolution.
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