You Deserve Support

Receiving news that someone you love does not identify with his or her biological gender is often shocking and difficult to understand. This affects how you perceive and relate to one another and requires honesty, sensitivity, and respect.

You deserve the compassionate support needed to process how this affects you, your relationship with your loved one and your connection with others with whom you may or may not share this sensitive information.  It’s helpful to process your feelings, thoughts and questions in the context of a safe space with others who are experiencing similar challenges.

A Shared Journey

You are not alone! Others going through a similar process can share their challenges and successes. Together we create a supportive container for you to explore how best to respond to this new information.  While this is not a therapy group, Lisa Love, MSN, facilitator, is also an experienced therapist. She is adept at hosting difficult conversations with openness, curiosity and compassion. We will use the circle format to develop an inclusive, respectful container, which establishes connection, boundaries and emotional safety.

Meeting Times and Location

Meetings will be held at the United Methodist Church at 320 Church Rd in Brunswick, ME twice monthly, on the 1st and 3rd Mondays from 6:30 pm – 8 pm, starting July 1st and 15th, 2019.

Who Can Attend

Attendance is open to cisgender partners (gay or straight) and adult family members (18 and up) struggling with a loved one’s process as they explore how to be true to their internal gender identity when it diverges from their biological gender. This is not a support group for transgender individuals.

Please call Lisa FMI or to notify her of your intent to attend at (207) 747-3050.

Donations Accepted

There is no charge for this group.  Love-offerings accepted with appreciation for Lisa’s time and the facility use – though not required.

Special Requests:

  • If you require an interpreter, please have one accompany you.
  • Please arrive fragrance-free and substance-free for the most positive experience for all.
  • Also please arrive 10-15 mins early so we can begin together, on time.


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