Telemedicine is a wonderful option for those at-a-distance, during inclement weather, illness or for ease of access.

I have found my sessions with clients over the past several years to be as powerful as in-person, and if you are a counseling client, it’s good to know that any insurance carrier who offers policies in Maine does cover telemedicine sessions the same as in-office.

Now, with the corona virus outbreak, it may be necessary to utilize this service for a time, in order to inhibit the transmission of the virus. It’s also nice to know I can help more people outside the country, who wish to access coaching or counseling services abroad.

You can access my virtual waiting room by clicking on this link: 

It’s secure, and HIPAA-compliant, so your privacy is protected.

Some tips on preparing for an optimal experience:

  • use an ethernet cable if you have one, or at lease a secure WiFi connection
  • make sure your device is fully charged prior to our session, or plugged into power
  • turn off your notifications, texts, email alerts, etc
  • get comfortable somewhere you have privacy
  • stabilize your device rather than hold it on your lap or in your hand
  • have your phone handy and charged, in case we need to supplement the video with a phone for audio
  • show up a few minutes before our scheduled meeting time and
  • run a pre-call test (click the light green button on the bottom left side of your screen – make sure your camera and audio are functioning. If not, you may need to restart your device
  • close down any other open browser tabs.
  • use Google Chrome for best quality.
  • have some water and tissues handy
  • speak a little more slowly than usual
  • be patient – if the signal quality is low, as it sometimes is during a storm or high internet traffic, we may need to hang up and log back in.