Intentional Healing

If you are facing personal challenges on any front: emotionally, spiritually, or physically, and feel overwhelmed about where to start, let me be of assistance.  As a nurse grounded in knowledge and practice of many healing modalities, I can serve as a guide to help you on your path.  Healing involves the restoration of ease, balance and vitality, or a resolution of factors that have caused disruption to your wellbeing. Healing doesn’t necessarily require the cessation of a condition or a cure.

The challenges we face can trigger fear, uncertainty, grief, exhaustion and signal that we need to expand our resources to move through them.  A good coach will help you to shift from negativity to curiosity, from despair to wonder, and from a sense of overwhelm to “I got this.”  We will explore which modalities will best serve you now and in what sequence.  We will address how to conserve energy, become more receptive and accepting.  We will create a plan of care that is unique to you, based on your needs and desires.

pagePicHealthThis approach is ideal if you:

  • are searching for ways to handle overwhelming health challenges
  • want to access your healing potential
  • desire a knowledgeable provider well-acquainted with western and complementary medicine
  • wish to develop a deeper spiritual connection  
  • are ready to explore possibilities for transformation 
  • you need an ally or advocate to work with your family and medical team to create cohesion and support.

What you want matters.  Through a process of reflective questions, multi-dimensional assessment and whole-hearted listening, we will create a plan to help you navigate your current challenges with greater ease and faster results. You are the expert on your needs, I am your guide. Our partnership creates a valuable resource to draw upon.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Identify strengths, clarify your challenges and priorities
  • Generate positive momentum to enhance your wellbeing on all levels
  • Celebrate your progress 
  • Receive attuned, knowledgeable support
  • Become clear and focused in the face of complex issues
  • Create lasting change more easily

We can work in individual sessions with a la carte services, or in intervals of 1, 2 or 3-months.

After reading this brief intro, you will likely still have questions about the difference between coaching and therapy. You can read about it here. We can address any further questions in our meet & greet session.

Call today to find out how you can benefit from intentional healing services, and we’ll schedule a free 30 min. consultation.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you are facing.

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Feminine Leadership Coaching

Find your authentic voice and presence as a leader. Learn how to master your energy, hold better boundaries, personally and interpersonally. Trust your intuition. Develop more skill in honing your awareness, creating positive intentions, delegating, collaborating and finding balance between your personal and professional life.

Whether you are new to leadership or more experienced, you can benefit from coaching – to prevent burn-out, expand your capacity to be a role model of positivity and bring out the best in others. You will be able to safely explore how your ego can enhance or interfere with your objectives.

Keeping your energy field clear of unwanted influences is a very efficient way to stay vital and engaged. You will learn techniques to clear and build your energy reserves. We will explore what methods will best support you on your path – including insightful conversation, reflective questions, body-mind techniques such as setting intention, visualization, breathing, meditative practices, flower essences and partnering with the Unknown (the sphere of infinite possibilities) and Unseen Helpers (spirit guides, angels and Archangels, your expanded Self, Soul and Source).

“Becoming a conscious, awakened leader is a co-creative process and one that will help you expand your reach while staying in balance, emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically.”

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Sports Performance Coaching for High Level Athletes

Master Your Mindset

I can help if you struggle with:

  • Pre-performance nerves
  • Setting realistic process and outcome goals 
  • Getting distracted by competitors, spectators, officials, noise or weather 
  • Self-defeating thoughts
  • Working hard and not seeing the payoff
  • Entering flow states for optimal performance and
  • Alleviating the frustration from not achieving your desired goals

You are my ideal client if you are a motivated, elite athlete who wants to improve the consistency of your performance for personal satisfaction or in competition.  Be prepared to learn and practice mindfulness, relaxation and breathing exercises, and mental rehearsal.

These skills learned in service of your sport will also bring personal benefit to your life in general.  

Benefits of Mindset Mastery Coaching for Athletes:

  1. Increased calm and confidence
  2. Maintaining present-moment awareness
  3. Relief from anxious thoughts, doubts, self-criticism
  4. Reduced risk of injury
  5. Manifestation of exciting, achievable goals
  6. Rewarding progress with less effort

Call today so we can start our conversation.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your aspirations, and supporting your journey of self-mastery.

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Golf Mindset Coaching

Enhance Your Performance Under Pressure

pagePicGolf “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course — the distance between your ears.”
~Bobby Jones

You appreciate that golf demands mental toughness as well as skill, physical and emotional balance, awareness and feel.  You are all too aware of your short-comings and these can get in your way.

This approach is ideal if you desire to:

  • See golf as a vehicle for personal growth and development
  • Move beyond all the hype about “techniques and gimmicks” promising rapid success 
  • Recover easily from bad shots or holes
  • See adversity as an ally rather than an enemy
  • Create a champion’s mindset
  • Manage challenges of weather, course conditions and difficult players with greater equanimity
  • Explore the psychological or spiritual dimensions of the game

I can help you develop more strengths and skills so you enjoy success more often, even under pressure.

No matter what your level – from advanced beginner to competitive player, you will benefit from this approach to self-mastery.


  1. Calm jitters and anxious thoughts
  2. Create a pre- and post-shot routine that eliminates over-thinking and enhances confidence
  3. Become more centered, grounded & less self-conscious
  4. Experience the power of intention, visualization, breathing and letting go
  5. Create the shots you see in your mind’s eye
  6. Present-moment focus
  7. More “feel,” less thinking
  8. Sheer delight as you create more of what you desire

Time to elevate your game and flourish!

Sessions are held in-office, via video conference, at the driving range and on-course, depending on your goals and needs. Sessions can vary from 75-90 mins to 3 – 6 hours. We will tailor our plan to meet your needs.

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“A passion, an obsession, a romance, a nice acquaintanceship with trees, sand, and water.”
~Bob Ryan


Health and Wellness Coaching

If you elect to do health or wellness coaching, our focus is on increasing wellness rather than diagnosing or treating imbalances. Research has shown that wellbeing will fade, unless directly addressed and supported, as we age.

We will work together to outline a personalized plan to meet your particular wellness outcomes. We will start with a comprehensive whole-life assessment and then narrow the focus to the areas that most matter and you feel ready to address. I help hold you accountable to yourself in following through on achieving lasting change, and remind you of your “why,” to keep your motivation high.

We work in 3-month segments, with monthly pre-payment for the package. After the 3 months, we will reassess and see if there is more you would like to address, or whether you have achieved your aspirations to your satisfaction, and celebrate that.

After reading this brief intro, if you still have questions about the difference between personal life coaching and therapy, you can read more here. We can address any further questions during our meet and greet session.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you are interested in achieving.

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